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Monitoring - 2012: Federal Executive Government Bodies - What About Usability?

Within 2012 monitoring cycle, FIF researchers have prepared a set of illustrations on usability of federal executive government bodies’ official websites.

Access to Archive Data on Soviet Political Terror: A Conference in Moscow

On November 30, Daria Sukhikh, FIF Senior Lawyer, took part in the conference Problems of Access to Archive Information on Political Terror in the USSR organized in Moscow by the International Memorial Society (Russia) and the Heinrich Böll Foundation (Germany).

Monitoring - 2012: Top Regional Executive Government Bodies - Researchers' Views

On December 3, we prepared a review of interesting examples collected by our researchers within monitoring official websites of the Russian Federation subjects’ top executive government bodies (April-June 2012).

Media Have Right to Publish Court Decisions Unchanged

On November 29, the 13th Appeal Arbitration Court considered lawful the decision of the Arbitration Court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast cancelling the order by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) demanding to eliminate a citizen’s surname and initials from court decisions published at the “СудебныеРешения.РФ” information agency’s website.

"Governmental Openness Begins with a Mayor Riding a Bike"

The heading cites Olga Galkina, member of the St.-Petersburg Legislative Assembly. She initiated a wide number of bills named “Transparent Power”, including the bill On Providing Access to Information on Activities of Government and Municipal Bodies in St.-Petersburg. Our journalist Andrey Kalikh interviewed Ms Galkina immediately after high-pitched discussion of amendments to the St.-Petersburg city budget for 2013; media call it the main event of the city parliament autumn session.

Monitoring - 2012: Arbitration Courts - Final Summarized Rating of Informational Openness

We present final summarized results of the 2012 monitoring for arbitration courts’ official websites, performed together with the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).

Moving Forward Together: The CSPP Conference in the US

The conference US-Russia Civil Society Partnership Program: Moving Forward Together took place on November 15-16 in Washington, DC, by the US-Russia Civil Society Partnership Program (CSPP).

Ivan Pavlov, FIF Board Chair and the CSPP Steering Committee member, took part in the conference.
The Freedom of Information Foundation is a member of the CSPP “Mass Media and Access to Information” working group.

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We are always open to cooperation

The methodology developed by Freedom of information Foundation for monitoring official websites is applicable widely. It is convenient, efficient and can be used for research in various fields. We are interested in cooperation with different governmental and non-government entities in various countries in order to extend the monitoring practice, including possible joint comparative researches.